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Bringing together the UK's biggest and best geotechnical suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and clients, Geotechnica is your central hub for in-person sales, networking and knowledge exchange.

Geotechnica is your opportunity to engage with every industry stakeholder imaginable. If you need to buy equipment and machinery, we’ve got it. If you want to promote your latest innovation or world-leading geotechnical service to potential clients, you can do it. If you want to hear about the latest industry developments and learn from top experts in the geotechnical field, this is where you need to be.

Geotechnica aids industry growth and development through the building of business relationships, the introduction of new products and innovations and the imparting of knowledge and advice.

This event lives by four tenets, and we want to share them with you.


Come and find out more.


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Meet Our Attendees

Hundreds of companies have exhibited, sponsored, delivered presentations or visited Geotechnica over the years.

Since its inception, Geotechnica has successfully attracted almost every single one of the UK's largest geotechnical companies, from clients to contractors, laboratories to media companies - anyone who is anyone in the geotechnical industry has visited Geotechnica. Below are just a few of those prestigious companies who have attended:

Geotechnica's historial attendees

Our Event Feedback

"Equipe have created an invaluable resource. They have brought together all of the major players in the geotechnical industry in one place. This naturally promotes innovation to evolve through an ability to communicate directly with manufacturers, producers of equipment and materials, as well as experienced key personnel.

"Geotechnica is fast becoming the hub for the geotechnical engineer. It has created the facility to network with clients and contractors from every spectrum of industry; even regulatory bodies and specialist consultants are in attendance.

"This makes it a must to attend, to ensure state-of-the-art knowledge is shared and built upon and to reassure all attendees just how buoyant the UK ground investigation industry is."

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"Geotechnica was a great show to be involved with and gave us a platform to showcase some of the latest equipment we have available to hire or purchase.

"As one of the more intimate trade shows it provides us with the opportunity to speak with our exact target audience and catch up with plenty of familiar faces, we will be back!"

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"From a sales point of view, attending Geotechnica was so important not only for our sales team, but also for the customers themselves. 'Putting a face to the name' can really change the dynamic of customer relationships and give the process a more friendly and personal touch.

"I am already excited to go along next year not only to catch up with people I have met this year and those I will be in contact with in the future, but also to see how far the industry will have progressed and the innovative ways in which companies will evolve together."

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